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Melbourne local artist DJ Smilez is illustriously known for evoking an infectious vibe through his curated sets and praiseworthy mixes. As a result, this has loyal listeners attending his full of commotion events and labelling the unique experience as 'the Smilez effect'. That phrase dawned on the title of his first Australian Tour - The Smilez Effect AUS Tour 2022. This venture formed the opportunity which allowed him to pursue the path as a touring artist. It prompted the prospect of being the guest DJ for major hotspots in cities such as Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and (of course) Melbourne.


DJ Smilez has ceremoniously transformed from a nightclub DJ to one of the most respected within the creative industry. He made a name for himself not only for his selection of music but for the energy and euphoric-like experience he projects when performing. He has achieved this by distinctively championing an unaccustomed sound that blends Latin Rhythms, Baile Funk and Afro-House. 


So far, it has been a humbling journey; as he continues to obtain a higher degree in the craft and explore the depths of composing his sounds and music. Throughout the process, it has enabled him to showcase his technical control and profile his creativity in producing musical content as innovative. In consequence, this venture has naturally transmuted into a successful career. 


By force of circumstance, it has allowed him to exhibit his unaccustomed visions and sounds across various platforms. The branding of DJ Smilez has cultivated the strategies needed to produce a strong social media presence, which has grabbed the attention of many prospects of local brands and marketing agencies wanting to work in partnership; to collaboratively develop creative content and projects. 


Adding to the hype of his creative storm; was the emergence of Smiliño - back in 2019. Beginning as an alias to his brand image has now evolved into various elements under the umbrella, incorporating a visual mixtape, multiple remixes and a monthly radio show which has had a combination of over 600k streams across his social platforms. The project has surged in popularity and has adopted a worldwide following. Having already accomplished many things, DJ Smilez continues to immerse himself in the music industry and pursue the path of a touring artist.

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